CRG: A Specialist Healthcare Recruitment Agency

We are a nationwide recruitment agency with vast expertise across a range of healthcare and medical professions, all contained within our five core trading divisions:

CRG Healthcare Staffing

CRG Healthcare Staffing supplies qualified nurses, healthcare assistants and support workers of all grades and bands. We supply to a wide range of public and private-sector organisations throughout the UK and overseas including the NHS, private hospitals and nursing homes.

CRG Medical Staffing

CRG Medical Staffing supplies qualified medical health professional such as doctors, allied health professionals and health sciences staff. We supply to a wide range of public and private organisations across the UK and around the globe including NHS hospitals, private hospitals and clinics.

CRG Homecare

CRG Homecare a range of care and support staff and services, including domiciliary care, supported living, extra care, and continuing healthcare (non-nursing).

CRG Medical Services

CRG Medical Services delivers primary healthcare solutions to secure and custodial settings, including forensic medical services.

CRG Resourcing

CRG Resourcing supplies a diverse range of non-healthcare staff, including IT, project management, procurement, legal, executive, financial, transport, retail, catering & hospitality, administration, and clerical.