Affinity Feb Round Up 1.02.19



CER ran a cover supervisor course recently which was a huge success!

  • Carol Olly and Nia Jones celebrated their birthdays recently, happy birthday!
  • Liv Primary is touching the 500 days mark with Elaine B getting back to 100 days with just 9 user schools.
  • Lizzie is on 200 days, well done lizzie!
  • There have been SCITT talks to recruit new NQTs for next year.


Top news stories – Peak week, promotions etc:

Hayes Primary called us off the back of our marketing campaigns with a potential 2 week TA booking 😊

We are on for another peak week, just need to add 1 more day!

Victoria Paul, Divisional Manager, Primary & SEND Consultant, had a meeting with Wolverhampton Virtual School and they are working with Amber on future projects.

Amber had a meeting with Northern House Academy Trust and they have invited us to put in a bid!

Outstanding Achievements

We’ve moved to nearly 50 long terms days for measurement week for Devon which is FANTASTIC!

Natalie peaked on days and money and has also hit 100% of her Long term target last week 😊

Births, Marriages & Birthdays

Nikki is expecting triplets! 3 boys! And is getting married next year too in Sudan! Congratulations Nikki!

Chelsea is moving into her new house today. Good luck Chelsea!

New Features

LinkedIn Leverage

Ami Sait, Client Manager at HCL Admin and Clerical, recently posted the below image on LinkedIn with the aim of appealing to and attracting Medical Secretaries and received an overwhelming response from one of her connections.

Baby Corner

We know you’re very proud of your little darlings, whether they are human, canine, feline or aquatic, even a chilli pepper plant!

We want you to show off your lovelies so send your photos to with a name, age and a little information and your precious darlings will be seen by all!

This week we have Neil Crudden, CRG TEC Managing Director’s little boy, Josh Ace. Josh Ace is two and a half now, and loves playing guitar, battling with his lightsabers and watching Paw Patrol.

When we were young

Each week we will post a photo of an employee in their early years, the week after we will announce who it is.

Last week’s entry was HCL Managing Director, Sarah Munday!

For this week’s entry we have the below image of a well known person in the Old Bailey, can you guess who it is?

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