Affinity round up – 14.06.19

Liverpool Primary

Absolutely smashed it out the park with 614 days confirmed, there’s a pic of them looking gorgeous on their shabby balcony attached

Another PB from Mr Hickson….take a bow Liam, this is becoming a weekly shout out  – 80 days… Liam what is your secret?????

Paul and Elaine spent the afternoon delivering a talk on “Aspirations and Goals” yesterday inspiring Year 3’s to achieve their goals and follow their dreams

Great work guys on an exceptional result

SEND – update

Lots of activity happening with candidate profiles and trial days for Sept, planning for their Employability Day for one of the SEND Schools that are coming into the office next Tuesday #dreamteam

The Sourcing Hub

  • We’ve made contacts and are LIVE with all University Job Boards to promote our vacancies…. Let’s watch the candidates flood in
  • Wigan candidate Open Day is happening next week as our North West World Domination Plan takes hold….


  • Lizzie gained a sit down meeting and a booking from an non user on the back of them ‘winning’ the tour de France competition!!
  • Emma finally got correspondence back from a business manager who had not previously been responding to requests to come out and present at their next networking meeting. Just waiting on a date to be confirmed! Yahoooooooo
  • Jordan cracking on with September and having some great discussions with new schools, has an interview set up next week in one of them – great work Jordan
  • Susanne has gained long term vacancy for September from a lapsed school, just finalising the interview… some solid recruiting Southey, keep it up !!!

North Wales

  • Nia is back in the 100 day club, smashing out the D2D
  • Sean has sign up a CRS – in a school I quite frankly can’t spell or pronounce, well done Sean!!!
  • Emma has converted a lapsed school from Feb 18 by selling in a fab candidate and is already setting her sights on sept… well done on cracking the tough schools Emma
  • The NW office seen 10 candidates for interview this week, great work bunnies!


  • Shelly and Steve leading the way with the Reed MSP, great to see the team collaborating
  • Steve Whitworth leading the way on the LT mission at 27.7% of target already
  • Added 87.7 D2D days this week as team finished on 310… great to see them back over the 300 mark
  • Katie sold in a cover supervisor for a free trial and got 15 days cover off the back of it. Also has had a sterling week on candidates off the back of a sexy advert, if anyone would like it, please ask Miss Crompton herself


  • Charlie has employed his first hire into the hub… well done Charles
  • #Kudos to Mr Parsons for the great work done on Nicolas Postgate, a cool £1 million spend and a casual 25 schools to engage with, not bad for a win eh?
  • Newcastle Secondary had another high flying week – 138 days up on this week last year…. Easy peasey for the best triple act in CER
  • Natalie a staggering 66 days up on prior year… must be using her secret weapons??
  • Kath seeing a big uplift from a new school, Blyth Academy 30 days alone just for this week… although the candidates have to wear armour to work
  • Adam Turtle had a great meeting with a CRS client but managed to get a rate rise of £15 per day for all bookings from September…. Just shows you can always negotiate upwards if your service is good enough… well done Adam and thanks for launching the training academy, I hope ‘Hope’ got lots from your time…see what I did there?!
  • Great week on candidates – 11 coming through the door for secondary alone


  • Josh has secured a meeting at Kyloe house, a terrifying yet wonderful accomplishment. He will also find out if his candidate has secured the Exec Head role at Trinity, watch this space… game changer
  • Aiden – 70 days up on prior year on a patch the third of the size… Someone in SEND come and give him some competition…Rachel? Frankie??
  • Paul Mordey has been popping on Sept long term days, there a pic of him hoola hooping in celebration. Also great work on setting up a meeting with Darlo virtual who spend over £500k


  • Darlington hit an all time peak this week – 445.2 days – a casual 208.7 days more than this time last year
  • Jamil – Hit a personal peak of 236 days, absolutely fantastic result Jam
  • Aaron – interviewed 8 candidates this week – predominantly NQTs from his presentation, also snatched a TP school after a day on the road. Not bad for a lad who has better eyebrows than Anton


  • Luton have ….17 registrations booked in for next week….. that’s how Hayley and Rachel do things… take no prisoners
  • 11 profiles sent out and 6 interviews arranged and picked up 14 Vacancies this week for long term, well done ladies, full steam ahead for Sept


  • Carla is at the TOP of the LT leaderboard over 30% of target
  • Interviewing a lady for a perm role this afternoon
  • Well done you little southern fairy – great work


  • Alicia 20% of her LT target
  • She has 2 more interviews lined up for next week and is going to smash through those stay day confirmations, well done Alicia great work


  • Steph converted 3 new clients this week 2 of them been Outwood schools (Outwood grange academy and Outwood academy Freeston)Tough nuts to crack so great work from Leed’s mighty leader
  • 10 days added for LT – Daisy and Liv hit pledge for this week
  • Daisy at 18% of her LT target


  • Extended 6 days for College of North West London
  • End of term meetings with all SLT for my big using colleges sorted for end of June, watch this space, well done Chris


  • Ross – 3 new schools converted this week and seen 6 sexy candidates
  • Devon has added 5 LT days taking to 15% of LT target with her sights set on confirming more days next week
  • Hope converted another 2 big users – Trinity and Outwood City Academy
  • Frankie has added 5 days for September and set up 2 new interviews
  • Will has added 5 days for September and a new conversion at Nottingham High
  • We welcome Mr Dan Butcher to the Steel City Massive as a Primary Consultant – Already booked and seen candidates, off to a flying start, well done Dan and WELCOME TO THE MAD HOUSE


  • Paul and I presented with Amanda at a 17 school MAT – BDAT in Bradford
  • Agreed the commercial partnership with WomenEd (please follow on twitter) – We now get to attend their conference with 500+ next generation female leaders
  • Daisy and Paul met Harriett from the Focus trust and has started the process of presenting to the entire trust spanning across CER & Monarch, it helps we have friends in high places Es 😉
  • Paul meeting CEO of Forum Education – links with 350 schools to set up a ‘CEO day’ hosted by CER.

New Southampton ‘Hub’ Launch

As a result of the multiple acquisitions completed last year we had 4 of the group’s businesses operating out of 4 separate offices in Southampton. Rather than continuing on this basis we set off to create a regional hub where we could bring all of the businesses into 1 building which ultimately will save the group on lease costs but also create the opportunity for these businesses to work and train together. Within a very short window, we identified the new premises, completely gutting these, re-configuring the layout and decorated and created the new regional hub in Southampton bringing together:

CRG Homecare, Allied Healthcare, CRG Defence and CER Education

Giles Ruddle would like to thank the business areas for working and assisting us during the move but huge thanks go to Sarah Wright and Kirsty Forrest for managing the whole process.

Fact Friday

The Bee Hummingbird is the smallest bird in the world. It is so small that it’s often mistaken for an insect.

Social Media Sourcing

Take a look at these social media tips for recruiters.

LinkedIn Competition

Managing Director, Neil Crudden has requested his posh meal to be at Nandos and was very thrilled to receive his voucher. We look forward to getting the pictures from his outing!

If you want to be in the running to win a meal for 2 in a posh restaurant near you, all you have to do is post a recruitment related post on LinkedIn, email your post to and the person with the most likes at the end of the month, wins! You have until Friday 28th June to enter so get posting!

Baby Corner

Meet Executive Support Manager, Sarah Dodd’s new rabbit Thumper.

When we were young

Each week we will post a photo of an employee in their early years, the week after we will announce who it is.

This week we have a member of the Finance Team, can you guess who?

Last week’s entry was Graphic Designer, Jack Turner. Did you guess correctly ?

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