Affinity Round Up – 24/05/19

What an amazing week CER has had….

Darlington has achieved 418 days, big shout outs to these boys achieving BEST EVER NUMBERS. Jamil and Dave had a great meeting at ALP MAT and are sneaking closer to pulling over £1 million of GP over the line

Jamil AlbarqSec 226
Paul Mordey 21.2
Aiden ShepherdSEN 171
Darlington 418.2

Newcastle has seen peaks from Natalie Moody who is in touching distance of the almighty 200 days and Jasmin Davison on 141.5, these BEST EVER numbers have meant the mighty NE have smashed another peak of ………………………………………….1175 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Adam TurnbullSec 209.5
Natalie MoodySec 197.6
Katie MacDonaldSec 156.6
Josh SommersideSEN 52
Jas DavisonPrim 141.5
Newcastle 757.2

Liverpool SEND

Peak days for the amazing 3 amigo’s on our SEN Division – so close to 150 days…….. massive well done to Jemma and Charlotte both on peak days for their desks und all under the super duper organisational skills of Michelle

Jemma HowsonSEN 123.5
Charlotte Boylan 24
North West SEN 147.5

Liverpool Secondary


Jordan is flying the September Mission flag even before it’s even LAUNCHED with 5 days on the board… Go Jordan……no flies on you

Lizzie brining in a casual 234 days…. Take a bow as always Lizzie

Susanne SoutheySec 82
Jordan Radford 0
Emma Prior 104.3
Lizzie McDonnell 234.1
LivSecondary Total 420.4

Liverpool Primary

Clare Hind 130
Paul PrescottPrim 173.6
Wendy RowellPrim 92.7
Liam HicksonPrim 68.4
Elaine Berry 125.3
LivPrimary Total 590

Smashed through a new peak….. teamwork makes the dream work, sensational numbers from each of you !!!

Liam has taken his desk to the dizzy heights of 70 days – peak week for him – well done Liam

20 overall Primary Registrations in the last week, with Paul Prescott being King on the Candidates seeing 9 in one week, as well as bringing on 2 lapsed users in a week. Well done Paul!!!

North Wales

Holywell 236.5
Emma Roberts 111.8
Carol Olley 2.5
Sean OMahonySEN 33.3
Nia JonesPrim 88.9

North Wales have planned in an NQT day

The NPS contract is in full swing and they are seeing client conversions already

Well done NW on a cracking result


Southampton 307.0
Alison Lester 40
Shelley RiversPrim 119.2
SouthamptonSEN 5
Katie CromptonSec 44.9
Stephen WhitworthSec 97.9

Shout out to Katie for signing up 5 CRS’s in a week…. not bad for a rookie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Luton 146.6
Rachel Linforth 146.6

Shout out to Rachel ‘the machine’ Linforth, she even fills jobs while drinking disarano and coke… no end to this girls talents


Kent 106.2
Alicia BaileyPrim 5
Alicia BaileySEN 16.5
Alicia BaileySec 84.7

Miss Bailey using her ‘charm’ to carry her into another successful week, have a great time in Atlanta Alicia, a well deserved break has been earned!!


London Primary 52
Carla RyanPrim 52
London Secondary 50.8
Carla RyanSec 40.8
Carla RyanChel 10
London SEN 9.4
Carla RyanSEN 9.4

Our very own leprechaun has been speccing out for Sept and has already placed a candidate perm…. Nice bit of extra bonus coming your way!!!


Sheffield 519.3
Francesca Halit 117.9
Hope Robison 8
Will BennettBRDSec 186.7
Ross ClarryPrim 80.1
Devon FieldhousePrim 126.6

520 days from the Sheffield Team this week. EXCEPTIONAL RESULT!!!!!!!!!!

Shout out to Will for consistently smashing those high numbers and a nice jump on Devon’s desk too. Well done dream team

Hope took me out on some great sit down none using client meetings and whilst I am lucky to be alive….. she showed me how it was done, well done Hope and great to have you on board


Leeds 346.7
Steph HayesSec 133.9
Daisy PattisonPrim 86.5
Liv HaynesSec 126.3

Steph edging close to beat her own PB of 140…. So close….

Well done Ladies…. Inching towards that office BEST EVER NUMBER, keep doing your thing

FE 245.1
Chris Pender 245.1

Chris has a new PB…. Our Canadian teacher showing recruiters how its done, well done Chris

Well done to Chris and Paul for a great MAT meeting at Springwell, huge opportunity to procure through CCS, watch this space

Well done to Jamil for being promoted to Principle level 3…. Doubling his desk is kinda his thing

Katie has smashed the 150 club

All round a sensational week for results!!!!!!

Have a great bank holiday everyone

‘Where’s Giles?’

Just like Wally, Giles Ruddle, Group COO, is a true master of disguise. See if you can cheat his ninja-like camouflage skills by spotting him in this innocent looking photo.

Tip: He’s so good he’s thrown a red herring in there in the form of an identical twin!

Send your answers to and the winner(s) will be published next week.

Fact Friday

The World’s Biggest Tire Producer is LEGO.

The toy company produces approximately 306 million tires per year—far more than any other manufacturer in the world. They may be tiny toy tires, but the fact still stands.

LinkedIn Leverage

Are you using LinkedIn to recruit? If so, take a look at these 20 awesome profile tips.

LinkedIn Competition

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Baby Corner

Meet HR Resourcer Mia’s dog Kobi!

When we were young

Each week we will post a photo of an employee in their early years, the week after we will announce who it is.

This week we have someone based in Head Office, Tiger Court, can you guess who?

Last week’s entry was Marketing Coordinator, James Fairhurst. Did you guess correctly ?

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