Affinity round up – 7.06.19

A warm welcome to new starters, Sarah Gilks, who has taken the role of Audit and Compliance Manager At Monarch and Reece Duffus, Consultant working alongside Chantel and Aimee in Team Oxon, Monarch.

Newcastle and Darlington

MAT work;

  • APT – 750k spending trust – told us we have won agreement for all 5 schools to start September 1st, will be emailing confirmation out start of next week – 500k of uplift.
  • NET – Meeting booked to sign 20 schools into lot 2 CCS.
  • Seaton Valley Federation – Nat and Kathe pitched for that trust agreement, feedback was great and will be trying us out before making a decision.

Candidate shout outs;

  • Jamil and Aaron hosted a SKITT presentation yesterday at INSPIRE 2 LEARN – uplift of 25 candidates, only agency who presented so will have a big impact on Aaron’s desk.


  • Aiden – worker of the week – peak on his desk of 180.5 days! Also booking 170 for next week so looking to try and nail a new peak and possibly 200!
  • Turtle – hit 211.5 – just 2 days shy of another PB.
  • Jamil – pre-booking 225 for next week so already on a peak! Possibly in line to hit 250 plus.
  • OFFICE – running 360 days up on last year! Newcastle 180 days up and Darlo 180 days up on prior year this week!


  • Jordan has 3 non user visits lined up for Monday in far flung LEA’s …we’re expecting great things from Jordan!
  • The September flood gates are opening with a few vacancies trickling in nicely across Primary/ Sec/ SEND ….LONG TERM MISSION ready!
  • Wendy has converted a new Alliance School…nicking them from HAYS.
  • Lizzie is sitting comfortably in her 200 days hammock hitting 220 days this week…well done Lizzie!
  • Clare survived her GUNG HO, the world’s biggest 5K obstacle course in support of Autism Together.

North Wales

  • Emma and Nia are currently out at an Innovative Practice Day for Primary PGCE and Post Compulsory Students at Glyndwr University in Wrexham.
  • Sean is out spreading the news that CER are on the NPS framework! Sean is conscious that while his efforts have been working in Cardiff he needed to focus more on North Wales and fair play to the lad he has grown in days this week and plans to continue at the same rate each week.
  • Nia has successfully brought back a client who hadn’t used us since November 2015 this week along with another client who hadn’t used CER since February.
  • Emma has overcome some major issues (invoicing errors) with one of her clients.  They had spent 60k plus in previous years but due to back office issues they have slowly been decreasing the amount of business they send our way.  As a result of her persistent excellent customer service and the fact that she gave them the VIP treatment yesterday they called a booked a TA starting next week for two weeks with the promise of more business coming our way.
  • Some great conversations going on with Clients this week regarding the “all wales agreement” and we are drawing up our plan of action to make sure we smash this.  We have completed 7 interviews and cleared 7 candidates for work this week.  Angharad is doing a great job too.

After a great week, the team are out tonight to celebrate Nia’s Hen do – have a great night ladies!!


  • 11 long term days for Steve confirmed this week.
  • Guaranteed work scheme – 3 new ones signed up.
  • Booked visits off the back off the Admin Conference.
  • Katie booked a visit off the back of the bike competition.


  • Luton have registered 6 candidates this week with 9 booked in for next week.
  • Hayley has been smashing recruitment in the afternoon and getting great responses from Indeed messages.
  • 5 days from Classroom Careers with a potential further 5 days for this term.
  • Two new using clients.
  • 4 referrals from Bedfordshire Uni that I visited before half term this week.


  • Hope has placed her first LT, looking likely to extend into Sept.
  • Will has picked up another PSA meeting off the back of his calls.
  • Sheffield and Leeds both achieved 100% of budget for May.
  • Steph and Daisy have both placed 5 new September days.
  • Paul M has just received confirmation of our 2nd meeting with Wellspring CFO/CEO to take place after Ross and Paul have worked the stall on the Oakhill summer fayre. We’re sure the boys are going to look great in their straw hats for that! Buzzing about this as it’s a 1.5million spend annually!

Fact Friday

Did you know that Queen Elizabeth II is a trained mechanic? Queen Elizabeth, then an 18-year-old princess, joined the Auxiliary Territorial Service as a subaltern, training as a truck mechanic and driver.

Social Media Sourcing

Take a look at these 7 Social Media Recruitment Tips to Find Top Talent.

LinkedIn Competition

Managing Director, Neil Crudden has requested his posh meal to be at Nandos and was very thrilled to receive his voucher. We look forward to getting the pictures from his outing!

If you want to be in the running to win a meal for 2 in a posh restaurant near you, all you have to do is post a recruitment related post on LinkedIn, email your post to and the person with the most likes at the end of the month, wins! You have until Friday 28th June to enter so get posting!

Baby Corner

Everyone meet, Floyd, Trainee Marketing Manager, Matthew Smith’s 9 year old German Shepard.

When we were young

Each week we will post a photo of an employee in their early years, the week after we will announce who it is.

This week we have someone heavily involved in design work across the board, can you guess who?

Last week’s entry was Allied Healthcare Branch Manager, Teresa Hilton. Did you guess correctly ?

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