Allied round up – 22.02.19


Well done to Rebecca Asham who has been promoted to Branch Manager of the Pontypool branch. Rebecca was previously an Operational Excellence Scheduling Specialist.

Congratulations to Ekem Tongogara who has been promoted to Branch Manager of the London Central branch.

Well done to Lindsey Michael has been promoted from Care Quality Supervisor to Care Co-ordinator of the Pontypool branch.

New starters

We welcome to our team:

  • Hayley Major – Operator
  • Maxine Nichol – Field Care Supervisor
  • Claire Tym – Financial Accountant
  • Ricardo Viera De Sousa – Coordinator
  • Katie Rae – Care Quality Supervisor
  • Catherine Fotheringham – Field Care Supervisor


The team in Rhyl have received this excellent feedback recently regarding their work with a service user.

“I just want to make an official comment to you in regards to the fantastic response Pamela received from the support staff working with her during her choking episode. I can imagine how distressing and scary it must have been for them and the service users in their care as well as Pamela. Despite the initial shock, they clearly worked in an extremely efficient manner and got Pamela the emergency help and support that she needed. As a result, Pam had the best opportunity at making a full recovery.

“I have had the pleasure to be with her when we decided to wake her up and assess her clinical condition and I am delighted that as a result of the bravery and quick response from your team and the paramedics, Pamela appears to be making a recovery back to her baseline. She has told me off for touching her beloved T-Rex and has also been really brave in helping me to complete all of her assessments and allow me and the doctors to support her in her recovery.

“Sandra came to the unit and stayed with Pam whilst we turned off her sedation and removed her breathing tube and helped us as a team to keep Pam as calm and safe as possible during this time. Sandra also managed to find the missing piece to Pam’s hearing aid AND the battery! We were then able to communicate much better with Pamela with her hearing aid and I think it made a huge difference to her experience waking up and staying with us on ITU.

“I wish Pamela and your team at Allied Health all the best when she gets home and I am confident the staff will be glad to welcome her back home and continue to support her at a really high standard.”

New features

Fact Friday

Fact Friday!! Did you know…

There are more stars in space than there are grains of sand on every beach in the world!

LinkedIn Leverage

Alex Hewitt – Senior Recruitment Consultant – CRG TEC

The vast majority of my candidates – particularly in senior or management level roles – come from LinkedIn. At that level, people aren’t often actively looking for work so they don’t see adverts posted through job boards, we have to approach them.

CRG TEC use a version of LinkedIn Recruiter which really helps with this. We can conduct really detailed searches which pulls people in based, not just on job titles and locations, but skill set, qualifications and even what university they went to. This is then compiled into a project file to make communication and MI analysis easier.

From there we can send tailored messages directly to those candidates outlining the role and why it would be the right next move for them based on their specific experience. This bespoke approach sets us apart from the crowd and makes it much more likely that these senior-level and specialist candidates come back to us.

LinkedIn is also a great tool for business generation. I use company profiles and the attached employees to map out an organisation’s structure before approaching them to offer recruitment help. It makes a big difference when speaking to a hiring manager if I understand how each department interacts with each other.

To recognise Children’s Mental Health week last week, HCL Mental Health Divisional Head, Greg Western, posted his first LinkedIn video. Greg posted this video to share his thoughts on mental health as he understands what grabs attention on LinkedIn and is using it to his advantage. Can anyone beat his views? He has 3,500 so far!

Brand new competition

We’re launching a new monthly competition and you could win a meal for two in a posh restaurant near you! All you have to do it post a recruitment-related post on LinkedIn, email your post to and the person with the most likes at the end of the month wins! Our first winner will be revealed in the Round-Up on Friday 29th March.

Employee in the Spotlight

This week’s employee in the spotlight is HCL Permanent Managing Consultant, Christopher Haigh.

  • How long have you worked for CRG?

I have worked for HCL for 6 ½ years.

  • What are your main responsibilities?

I recruit doctors into long term / permanent posts in the NHS – with around 70% coming from overseas for their first position in the NHS.

  • Which part of your job do you enjoy most?

I enjoying helping the candidates finding a position that will help their career grow, and ensure they are settled well especially if relocating to the UK.

  • What is your top holiday destination?

USA, recently went to New York at Christmas with my fiancé which was amazing but I don’t get as much time to do it anymore!

  • What was the last film you saw?

Incredibles 2 with my son.

  • If you could meet anyone in the world alive or dead, who would it be and why?

Martin Johnson, amazing rugby player, inspirational leader and still the only English captain to have won the Rugby World Cup.

  • Who would play you in a movie about your life?

Ryan Reynolds, because I wish I was that handsome and funny.

Baby corner

We know you’re very proud of your little darlings, whether they are human, canine, feline or aquatic – even a chilli pepper plant!

We want you to show off your lovelies so send your photos to with a name, age and a little information and your precious darlings will be seen by all!

This week we have James Fairhurst, Marketing Coordinator’s, pet Redfoot Tortoise Rosie. Rosie is two years old, will grow anywhere between 10 and 16 inches and will live for around 50 years!

When we were young

Each week we will post a photo of an employee in their early years, the week after we will announce who it is.

Last week’s entry was Donna Mills, Team Leader, HCL Healthcare. Did you guess correctly?

For this week’s entry we have the below image of a well known person in CRG Homecare. He can often be found in board meetings – can you guess who it is?

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