Civilian Military Jobs: What’s on Offer and What Can You Expect?

When you think of a military career, the roles that come to mind are those of soldiers, fighter pilots, naval officers, and other combat-focused positions. These, however, aren’t the only roles available within the military. In fact, most roles within the Ministry of Defence (MOD) are based within barracks, which function as their own micro-societies.

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5 Common Questions (and Answers) About Military Nurses

You may be forgiven for assuming that military nurses, like other types of nurses, are healthcare professionals who provide medical care to patients, but military nursing is a starkly different career with many different circumstances. On the face of it, the following questions may seem obvious to some, but to this day, military nursing is

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A Nurse’s Language Guide: the Importance of Effective Communication

Nurses have a multitude of responsibilities when it comes to caregiving, and communication is one of the things that tops the list. Whether it’s with service users or other healthcare professionals, communication is an important part of any nurse’s career. However, in nursing, it’s not just what say but how you say it that matters.

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