CRG Round up – 24/05/19

A warm welcome to Matthew Smith, our new Trainee Education Marketing Manager.

After spending a year placement at Merck Sharp & Dohme UK and graduating in 2017, Matthew spent just short of two years at an industrial recruitment agency, gap personnel. Here he led the new website project, played a leading role in the redefinition of the brand identity and the full rebrand of the group.

He’s super excited to get stuck in and take these brands forward.

Congratulations to Wolverhampton Care Coordinator, Jade Williams who goes on maternity leave today and is due to have her baby next Thursday!

Happy Birthday to Care Quality Review Officer, Debbie Mayfield who celebrated her birthday recently and was given lots of gifts from the Burnley team.

The Clacton branch would love to welcome our new Care Assistant, Melissa Reekie. Hope you enjoy being part of the team.

Our Service Users, in Southend, have been having fun with karaoke recently!

Liz Taylor, Client Liaison Consultant and Mia Berry, HR Resourcer have been in the town hall in Bradford recently meeting & interviewing individuals for the Bingley area! Mobilisation Project Leads Connor Simpson and Jennifer Donaldson, are also in Bradford at a drop-in day to recruit carers in the area.

Regional Director – South, Sonja Simms, visited some of our service users this week and was overwhelmed by the positive response.

The consistency of care assistants and the quality of interaction between our carers and service users is outstanding. Care Assistants, Angela, Nicola, Naylor and Jasmine where mentioned repeatedly for their outstanding service they provide.

Here’s a few comments from the service users…

“My carers ask if I want anything done and do it for me. They don’t rush me. They check my medication to be sure I have taken it. They always have time for a chat.”

“They make me breakfast, support me with medication, check I have my careline on and open my curtains for me. They are very thoughtful and helpful. They have a lot to do in a short time, I don’t envy their job (with a smile). She said my life will be awful if I did have these carers visit me. I appreciate them. I do not have any complaints at all.”

“I feel safe with my carers. They don’t rush me. They take their time and if they notice anything while washing me, it is reported to the district nurse immediately. He said the care he receives has helped him remain in his home and improved his day to day life. His son also shared the same thought. He said both carers Nicola and Naylor are very good. They know what to do and spend some time chatting with me.”

“The care I receive has definitely improved my day-to-day life. They give me a bit of independence and make me get out of bed. They help me reach areas I can’t reach, like creaming my leg. Angela and Jasmine are my regular carers. They are very efficient and don’t rush me at all.”

“My carers come early in the morning which gives me a chance to get out of bed and be ready for them. They do everything I ask of them; they make my bed, make me toast and tidy up anything left from the night before. I have regular carers who know what they are doing. Jasmine is my regular carer and she is very good. Caroline is also very good, but she has left now.”

BSC Call Handler, Daniel Cox is a Professional Vocalist for a group called The Mersey Boys. They are a Vocal Harmony Group that cover various gigs both on land and at sea on Cruise Ships.

They have recently been awarded WINNERs in the Event Entertainment Awards in Best Function Band category. All winners go into another National Competition for the ‘best of the best’. To vote for The Mersey Boys, click the link and hit vote now!

Bank Clinician, Steavi Taylor would like to say thank you to her manager Clinical Lead, Debra McMahon.

“It’s true what people say, there is a difference between a manager and a leader, a leader leads by example and supports their staff to be their best selves and encourages personal progression and job satisfaction which in turn inspires employees to give their very best to the service.

“Never have I had the pleasure of working with a senior whom this applies to so much as it does with Deb McMahon.

“Deb is extremely kind, considerate, approachable, knowledgeable and genuinely cares about her staff. She goes above and beyond to ensure that we are all happy and supported and is the first to hit the shop floor when needed, often working extra shifts, swapping shifts and taking on nights and extra hours to make sure that we have time off that we need for our family life and also ensures that in the event of a short fall she is there so that those remaining on shift aren’t left under pressure.

“Deb ensures we have access to all training we require, can pick up the phone any time of the day or night for support and that we can raise and address any concerns or worries in a safe, non judgemental and supportive environment.

“I cannot express how grateful myself and the rest of the team are to have her as our clinical lead and I just wanted her to be acknowledged for the time, effort and care that she puts into her work and her staff. Thank You Deb!”

Pictured left, Debra McMahon, right, Steavi Taylor

Custody Clinician, Angela Chester would like to thank ECP, Marcus Taylor please for all his support in helping her through her six months probation period which Angela recently passed!

Managing Director, Neil Crudden proudly took a £20 bet from Senior Recruitment Consultant, Liam Loftus ‘Larry Lamb’ as he thought Bran from Game of Thrones was actually the Night King. The final episode revealed this wasn’t the case but Neil was pleased to accept the £20 and as you can see from the photo Liam was pleased to pay.

The TEC team have had the following to say about Senior Recruitment Consultant, Alexandra Hewitt for making several placements with new clients.

Stephen Morris, Recruitment Director – “Alex is awesome” “Alex to sort Brexit”

Deborah Coburn, Senior Recruitment Consultant – “Alex is absolutely smashing life”

Liam Loftus, Senior Recruitment Consultant – “

‘Where’s Giles?’

Just like Wally, Giles Ruddle, Group COO, is a true master of disguise. See if you can cheat his ninja-like camouflage skills by spotting him in this innocent looking photo.

Tip: He’s so good he’s thrown a red herring in there in the form of an identical twin!

Send your answers to and the winner(s) will be published next week.

Fact Friday

The World’s Biggest Tire Producer is LEGO.

The toy company produces approximately 306 million tires per year—far more than any other manufacturer in the world. They may be tiny toy tires, but the fact still stands.

LinkedIn Leverage

Are you using LinkedIn to recruit? If so, take a look at these 20 awesome profile tips.

LinkedIn Competition

If you want to be in the running to win a meal for 2 in a posh restaurant near you, all you have to do is post a recruitment related post on LinkedIn, email your post to and the person with the most likes at the end of the month, wins! You have until Friday 31st May to enter so get posting!

Baby Corner

Meet HR Resourcer Mia’s dog Kobi!

When we were young

Each week we will post a photo of an employee in their early years, the week after we will announce who it is.

This week we have someone based in Head Office, Tiger Court, can you guess who?

Last week’s entry was Marketing Coordinator, James Fairhurst. Did you guess correctly ?

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