Tailored Care Plans

In order to fully understand your needs and provide you with the best quality of support and care, we will ensure a full ‘Care Needs Assessment’ is completed. This assessment may include:

  • Personal Safety Risk Assessment
  • Home Risk Assessment
  • Financial Support
  • Medication Support
  • Essential Lifestyle Plan (information about you such as likes, dislikes, how you would like to be cared for).

Upon completion of your Care Needs Assessment, the Care Co-ordinator will collates the information gathered and prepare a ‘Personal Support Plan’, which is individualised to your specific needs and preferences. This plan provides detailed information regarding the service you have requested and the tasks that workers are permitted and not permitted to undertake.

The plan goes on to explain your individualised lifestyle preferences, essentials for daily living, likes, dislikes and enjoyments. It also provides the results of your risk assessment, guidelines for support and top-tips on maintaining , and where possible, improving your health, safety and wellbeing. It may, with your prior agreement, also include background information with regards to your characteristics, hobbies, social interests, life history and experiences.

As a matter of routine, contact details for professionals, such as your G.P., Dentist, Chiropractor, Optician, Social Worker and/or Advocate (where applicable) will also be listed.

You will be provided you a copy of your ‘Personal Support Plan’ and a further copy will remain in your home for the use of our workers. Your plan will be reviewed within one month of the service commencement date and on a 12 monthly basis thereafter, unless the need for more frequent reviews has been determined.